Boness Hill Climb Revival

Bo'ness Speed Hill Climb 2015 teaser on Motors TV

We have just been sent the promo Teaser trailer for the Bo'ness Hill Climb program that is going out on Motors TV in October. looking good. .

HRH Prince Michael of Kent

The Hill Climb received a visit on the Sunday morning from HRH Prince Michael of Kent. He drove to Bo’ness in an XK150 Jaguar from the Holyrood Concours event. He took a spirited drive up the track at Kinneil and then spent time looking at the racing machinery in the paddock and chatting with drivers, including ex BTTC star Anthony Reid (see photo).


Bo'ness Hill Climb on Motors TV Schedule

Hiding between all the cars at last weekend event were a team of 10 camera man, recording the racing and paddock atmosphere at the Bo 'ness Hill Climb. They have created a 1 Hour & 36 Minute program, that will be broadcast on Motors TV. It will include highlights from the two days racing and interviews from past Bo 'ness drivers.
Get those video recorders [showing my age] programmed and re-live a fantastic weekend of historic racing. is available on SKY and freeview

The broadcast schedule will be:

Sunday 4th October 2015: 4:09:00 / 15:16:00
Monday 5th October 2015: 02:16:00
Tuesday 6th October 2015: 22:04:00
Wednesday 7th October 2015: 01:44:00 / 06:25:00 / 14:13:00

The Scotland v England Hill Climb Challenge

This year The Bo’ness Speed Hill Climb featured a recreation of the 1953 televised Scotland v England Hill Climb Challenge and two teams of drivers battled against the clock during the Sunday afternoon session. The two Captains were Malcolm Wishart for Scotland and Geoff Hunt for England. Both picked their respective teams with a view to close matching of the pairings.

The teams were –
Scotland – Malcolm Wishart (c), Steven Smith, Douglas Anderson, David Barnett, John Albiston and Alex Graham.
England – Geoff Hunt (c), Mike Pickup, David Smith, Geoff Mansfield, Neville Alderson and Graham Ball.

To the great delight of the visitors, England came out on top with a score of ten points to Scotland’s eight. The Challenge feature was enjoyed by all and added an extra element to an already exciting weekend of historic motorsport.

The results of the pairings are as follows –

England Scotland
Mike Pickup, Austin 7 Spl.,   33.73s 2 points Steve Smith, Austin 7 Spl.,  36.33s 1 point
David Smith, Alvis Spl.,        34.12s 2 points Douglas Anderson, Austin Spl., 34.69s 1 point
Geoff Mansfield, Kougar,      33.30s 1 point David Barnett, Jaguar D Type,   33.15s 2 points
Neville Alderson, Nike Mk7, 29.71s 2 points John Albiston, Lotus 23b,    29.82s 1 point
Graham Ball, MG Midget,    30.95s 2 points Alex Graham, VX Firenza,  31.78s 1 point
Geoff Hunt, Lotus 22,          29.29s 1 point Malcolm Wishart, Lotus 41C,   26.99s 2 points
Total 10 points Total 8 points



Dropping off and arrival times

The paddock will be open from 12pm on friday for you early birds that want to drop off your cars without pressure of time restrictions. Security will be patrolling the paddock and site to keep an eye on things from friday onwards. It really helps the event run smoothly if we can get as many cars onsite before the rush on Saturday morning.

For the ones that cannot make Friday then please have your car in place by 8am so the paddock is clear of trailers and excess traffic. Where possible support vehicles can be parked near your race car for those emergency repairs over the weekend.
Sign On: From 8.15
Scrutineering: from 8.15 in situ
Drivers Briefing: 9.00
Practice Starts: 9.15

Please give yourself enough time to walk the track as it is worth seeing where the new barriers and bails are [so you can miss them ;-) ] Have a safe journey and we will see you bright and early

Final Entry list for the 2015 Bo'ness Hill Climb Revival

What a event it will be, with a 25% increase in entrants we have managed for the first time to hit the 100 Mark and then smash it. The final entry list contains 110 drivers and 101 cars. ranging from classic single seaters with 500cc engines, to the almighty 24000cc Napier Bentley. We are already hard at work getting the track in shape for this coming weekend, so If you have not done so already check out the final entry list here

BHCR Ltd are pleased to announce that our main sponsors and partners for 2015 are:

Event Scotland, Corecut, Revolutions, Lothian Trailers, Ross McKay,
Stenhouse Motor Group and Porsche Centre Glasgow.

Other businesses and individuals who have contributed sponsorship include:
Clydesdale Bank, Shapes Furniture, Knowepark Caravans, Clelands, Peoples, Morrisons of Stirling, Ingliston Revival, Gilston Gray, Central FM, Christians Kitchens, Caledonian Residential Lettings, Arnold Clark, Powdrake Garage, Groves Raines Architects, Carrs, Tunnocks, Robertsons Timber, Strangs, Stockans Oatcakes, Jaguar Drivers Club, TR Register, Geoff Hunt, TMS, Footman James and Central FM.

Additionally, Ian Grieve Ltd is providing the Subaru course car, Burgoyne's of Airth are providing the recovery vehicle and Signs Express have provided us with new signage.

We are very grateful to everyone who has offered to assist with sponsorship this year. You can be sure that their support will help the Bo’ness Hill Climb to grow and prosper and will help make the event more enjoyable and successful for everyone involved.


Anthony Reid returns to Bo'ness

We have just been informed that anthony reid will be returning to Bo'ness and will be competing in Rob Bremner's Connaught F1 car. The Connaught is a true slice of motor racing history and is expertly driven by its owner Rob Bremner at many hillclimbs across the country, and he will be sharing the honor with Anthony Reid. Anthony, born in Glasgow spent many years in Formula Three and other junior single-seater championships, winning the Japanese Formula Three Championship in 1992 and winning Japanese GT championship races, but his success has mostly been with a roof over his head, firstly in sportscars and later in Touring car racing.
We look forward to seeing him compete in such an exciting car.

24 Litre. Fire breathing monster

when the entry came in i thought, "someone's made a mistake" under engine size it was listed as 24000CC "must be a typo, should be 2400CC" . So i changed it, as i was finishing the entry i thought, i better go and check this so i went to Wikipedia and typed in Napier Bentley. I was wrong this car is built on a 1929 Bentley chassis with a 24 Litre Napier Sea Lion W12 boat engine based on the Napier Lion aeroplane engine. That is right a 24 Litre engine. 
We are so pleases and honored to have this car at the boness hillclimb and cannot wait to see have this tyre shredding, fire breathing monster competing at Bo'ness for the first time.

Entry list update - More space has been added

Because of the overwhelming demand for cars to compete at this years event we have had to re-think the layout of the paddock. This is the first time since the event was re-started that we have reached what we thought was our maximum entry number [ and still climbing]. Not wanting to turn drivers away we have opened up part of the bottom paddock and done a bit of reallocation that will allow us to take up to 110 cars. So if you are thinking of competing and have not submitted your entrance, time is ticking away.

Applications can be made either by our online form or 'old school' via post.  Check out the download section for the paper application form or click here for the online web form. Online payments are taken via PayPal, or standard Visa/ Visa Debit/ Master Card

The 2015 Revival Meeting - 5th and 6th September 2015 Join us to celebrate over 80 years of motorsport at Kinneil Estate, Bo 'ness

The Bo 'ness Hill climb was revived 8 years ago by a group of car enthusiasts on the existing track that had been used for the last 81 years. Such racing greats as Sir Jackie Stewart cut their teeth on this historic venue, the first of its type in Scotland.

The Revival as it is know now has grown into a great family day, with two days of racing from cars ranging from pre 1st world war to 1973. Some of the cars that compete are unique and this is a great opportunity for all petrol heads young and old to get up close and personal. The pedigree of the cars include winners at Le Mans, Goodwood and Formula 1.

Many Classic car clubs attend the car show situated at the top of the course near the historic Kinneil House, and range from American Hot rods to classic Porches. A dedicated car park for classic cars enables the enthusiasts amongst you to bring your own car to join in the fun. To top it all off an air show, owls and so much more can be seen.

A significant investiment has been made to open up the track side so that spectators for the first time can see downwards from Old Paddock Bend towards Crawyett. [see map] The new section will be surfaced and fenced and is sure to prove very popular.
Adults: £10 (BHCR members £5, remember to bring your membership card)
Accompanied Children (under 15) Free 

We would love to see you there.

Turbocharged 1952 Bentley

We welcome back to Bo'ness after 3 years absence the ever popular Fraser Ewart and his monstrous 6.7 litre turbocharged 1952 Bentley. Fraser always set the crowd alight with his lurid driving style; tyres screaming and smoking as he hurls the huge and very powerful car around Bo'ness' tight bends.

Moving slowly into the 21st Century 

We have resurrected out Facebook and twitter account to help promote the Bo'ness Hill Climb to the wider world. We have great plans for the future and increasing the visitor count is one of them. Please feel free to "Friend us" on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. This as you will be aware will help in spreading the word of our great event. [links in the banner at the top of the site]

Entry list update - July 19th

At the last count the entries for the hill climb were sitting at just over 50, for this time of year we are streaks ahead of previous events. The paddock at Kinneil can hold a maximum of 93 competitive entries, and last year we had 89. We are expecting this year to reach our maximum well before the closing date as we have already had a number of new, first time entrants.
if you are thinking of competing and have not submitted your entrance, time is ticking away. We would hate to have to disappoint the members who have helped us grow the event over the last 8 years.
Applications can be made either by our online form or 'old school' via post.  Check out the download section for the paper application form or click here for the online web form. Online payments are taken via PayPal, or standard Visa/ Visa Debit/ Master Card


We have attracted the assistance of over 30 sponsors this year, that are helping to make this  the best Bo'ness hill Climb so far. A big thank you to all the companies that have gotten involved. Details of all the companies will be on the website soon.

Some of those getting involved: 

Main Grandstand @ kinneil house -  sponsored by Porsche Centre Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Course car provided by Ian Grieve Subaru.
Recovery vehicle provided by E Burgoyne of Airth
Second grandstand @ Bottom Paddock -  funded by Event Scotland  

A Hospitality area for our sponsors has been arranged for this years event, with food and posh toilets  so if you want to be pampered at this years event, why not join the list of Bo'ness supporters

Colin McRae, Focus WRC

The Bo'ness Hill Climb attracts many different types of cars, and we will be  lucky enough to have on  show Colin McRae 1999 winning Focus WRC 

The first version of the car was built in 1999 to replace the Ford Escort WRC. It debuted in the Monte Carlo Rally with Colin McRae and Simon Jean-Joseph behind the wheels of the two cars. McRae gave the Focus its first win two events later on the Safari Rally Kenya finishing over 15 minutes ahead of the second placed Toyota of Didier Auriol.
While not a classic, the car is a master piece of engineering which should not be missed.

Go Motorsport @ KnockHill - 16th August 2015

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is delighted to announce Go Motorsport Live! – a special open day to be staged at KnockHill on the 16th August as an integral part of the governing body’s drive to help more people to get involved in all areas of motor sport.
The public will be admitted free of charge and will have the chance to experience a wide variety of different disciplines… even some from the passenger seat. The MSA is inviting local motor clubs to participate and showcase their grassroots activities, and is also encouraging teams and championships to set up informative displays.
To provide all those attending Go Motorsport Live! with a real insight into the kind of affordable fun they can have, often in their own road car, passenger rides in entry-level disciplines such as Production Car Autotests and Trials will be on offer.
Download the flyer from: here

Can you help?

We are looking for people to distribute flyers and posters to advertise our event in September. The more we advertise the more news of our event will be circulated around the country. If you can help please email Kenny Baird at and he'll arrange for posters and flyers to be either delivered or sent to your address. Even if you can get a couple of posters up in your local shop windows this would be a great help. Your continued support is always appreciated."

Early bird discounted Spectator Tickets

Save yourself some money and purchase your Spectator tickets for the weekend in advance. For a limited time only we are offering some good discounts on these prepaid tickets. So what are you waiting for....Go get them now
Online payments are taken via PayPal, or standard Visa/ Visa Debit/ Master Card


Alternative Transport Options for Spectators.

BHCR are always looking to improve the spectator experience at Bo'ness and we are also interested in exploring sustainable transport options for the event. We have car parking available on site but spaces are limited and we are aware that many people may prefer to travel to the event on public transport. We are considering running a shuttle bus service from a nearby train station - probably Polmont - to Kinneil Estate. Visitors could then travel from anywhere in the UK by train to Polmont and then the shuttle bus would complete the four mile journey to Kinneil. The return journey to the station would also be by shuttle bus which would run continually throughout the day.

Could you please let us know by email if this transport option would interest you and if you would be likely to utilise it. Your response will help us to evaluate the likely uptake of the offer. Thank you.


Getting involved

llMaking an event like the Bo'ness Hill climb such a success, is in part down to the Excellent team of marshals. Without these volunteers the event would simple not run. If you have always wanted to get involved with motor racing but do not have a car ..... or have a car but not quite on the road;-) then why not volunteer as a marshall. Simply fill in the contact form and a member of the committee will get to you with an application from to fill in. Training is provided, and we can guarantee you a fun filled weekend.

Bo'ness flyer and poster for 2015

We are moving ever closer to the 8th Bo'ness HillClimb Revival. We have, as always produced a poster and flyer to advertise the event. Physical copies will be available from all good torist locations around the Bo'ness area but if you know of anyone who you think would be interested in attending then PDF copies can be download below:

Download the poster: Here
Download the flyer: Here


May Spotlight Magazine

A feature article from the May issue of Spotlight.

Bo‟ness Revival Hill Climb - 5/6th September 2015
Just to the east of Edinburgh near Falkirk on the 5th/ 6th September in the town of Bo‟ness they are holding the Bo‟ness Revival Hill Climb which was resurrected seven years ago and was an important British Championship event in the 1950s/60s. It attracted all the top drivers in the past such as Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart and many others and now attracts thousands of spectators rather like a mini Goodwood Revival in fact.
This year it has attracted Global media coverage and Motors TV are filming the whole event producing a 96 minute special programme about the event to be shown on TV early in October.
In conjunction with the Revival Hill Climb there is a classic car show and an air display. In the past Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster and Dakota from the Battle of Britain flight and stunt planes have given a display, an aerobatic display is scheduled again. scheduled to happen again. A full size steam railway runs excursions past the venue often with Thomas the Tank Engine blowing its whistle as it passes. Bo‟ness car muse-um a couple of miles away houses cars such as James Bond‟s Aston Martin & Lotus Esprit, Harry Potters car plus lots of other exhibits to see and enjoy . The combination of all these attractions gives the event great appeal to the general public and motorsport fans alike.

Falkirk City Council own Kinneil House the imposing castle like historic house where James Watt invented the steam engine in 1765 to pump water from the nearby Carron coal mines. The council are massively involved as the hillclimb track is part of the estate road and runs right through the courtyard past the picturesque estate houses. Falkirk council actually resurfaced the tarmac road for the first event seven years ago. Since then they have made vast improvements to the paddock, competitors and spectators facilities and the parking area for competitor‟s trailers is superb.
This year the organisers were really wanting to make it something very spe-cial because of the TV coverage so were looking for a really iconic car to head the show. In view of this former rally driver Malcolm Wilson who had many victories in Scottish rallies in the past has come up trumps. He is owner and managing director of M Sport the world famous company that has run Ford Works WRC cars for many years and now runs the Bentley race team. He has very kindly agreed to send the M sport WRC Ford Focus in which Colin McRae won the 1999 Safari Rally. It is very fitting that this famous car was driven to glory by one of the quickest, most entertaining and successful drivers in the world, local boy Colin McRae who was tragically killed in a heli-copter crash.

Other historic or competition cars will be there, perhaps even a famous mo-tor bike or two. Some vehicles will ascend the hill giving a demonstration run. These demos of course give spectators the opportunity to hear as well as see these special vehicles running and adds a further dimension to the various static displays. Those entering the classic car show get the chance to do a parade run up this very famous motorsport venue that is only open on this one weekend in the year.
A couple of years ago the ex Ecurie Ecosse cars and transporter of Dick Skip-worth were there just prior to their sale for millions of pounds. Ex Stirling Moss cars have been featured and last year ex LeMans cars were delighting the crowds with their presence and blasts up the hill.
Kenny Baird a well known very active competitor, founder member and chair-man of the club heads the organising team. I must say from past experience, organisation at this event is second to none and nothing is left to chance. All officials are heavily involved with other big events such as Doune, Goodwood Festival and Revival, Prescott & Shelsley Walsh hillclimbs and many race circuits. Marshals and rescue units come from several race circuits to ensure highest standards of safety.

Please give serious consideration to visiting this great event as a competitor, spectator or marshal. One thing is certain you will get a very warm welcome and enjoy typical Scottish hospitality. You may even find yourself a TV star but in any case I am sure you will enjoy this great weekend of motorsport.
Google bonesshillclimb and check it out, regs, full information and all entry forms are online, there is something for everyone.

Keith Thomas

For more stories like this an more go to and signup. Magazines are produced and sent out monthy.

Entries for the 8th Bo'ness Hill climb

We are now accepting entries for the 8th Bo'ness Hill Climb Revival. This includes both the racing cars and participants in the classic car show. Applications can be made either by our online form or 'old school' via post. Check out the download section for the paper application form or click here for the online web form. Online payments are taken via PayPal, or standard Visa/ Visa Debit/ Master Card

We have a lot planned for our 8th annual event, so watch this space for updates.

MacDonald Inchyra in Grangemouth

Description: have entered into a partnership arrangement with the MacDonald Inchyra in Grangemouth. This excellent hotel is only two miles from Kinneil Estate and the management have kindly arranged for a special discount for any BHCR members if they would like to book a room for the hill climb weekend. The discount is only available for the period between the 3rd and the 8th September and to obtain the special rates available you need to go onto their website: 
From the main page enter in the booking details, hotel and dates, number of rooms, guests etc, and then enter the promotional code   Y V 5. This will show the rates available, from there select the Bo’ness Hill Climb rate and carry on through the normal booking process. Note that the Inchyra is shown on the website as being located in Stirling so please be aware of that when looking at their website.

Commercial Partnership Options

Now entering it’s eighth year, The Bo’ness Speed Hill Climb is firmly established on the UK Historic motorsport calendar.
This years event on the 5th and 6th September promises to be the most exciting yet and has attracted Global media coverage with Motors TV running a 96 minute special programme, which will be shown early in October. Such interest is hardly surprising , when you consider the rich history that surrounds the Hill Climb and the event will continue to feature a fantastic line up of cars and competitors from all over the UK, a Classic Car Show with trade stands and an Aerial display.
We are working hard to establish a truly memorable experience for the anticipated large crowds at the same time providing a meaningful marketing platform for your business to gain exposure and sales.
The ongoing success of the event needs your commercial partnership support and I can assure you that my team will strive to ensure that any level of involvement you have, will represent value for money and deliver a return on investment.

For 2015 we have introduced a suite of commercial partnership options, all of which are designed to deliver fantastic branding exposure for more details please download our commercail brochure or contact Kenny Baird;

Thank you for you support.


Upwards and onwards…………………………..

Seven years ago five enthusiasts started on the long road of reviving motor sport at Bo’ness. A plan was laid down and the five founding members committed their time and effort to bring us, with assistance from a growing Committee, what we now know and enjoy as the Bo’ness Hill Climb Revival. 

Bill Drysdale has been our Chairman for the past six years and has decided to retire from this role, leaving the way open for the remaining members of the Committee to plan for the next 7 years.

Also retiring from the Committee are:
Alex Brown has filled the role of Competition Secretary since our first Revival meeting in 2007.
Margaret MacMillan was our Membership Secretary and filled that demanding role since 2007.
Bill Kirkpatrick has been BHCR Treasurer for the past three years and also organised the entry gates at the Hill Climbs.

Tom MacMillan
, who Chaired in 2007, presiding over the first hill climb to be held at Kinneil for over forty years. Since 2008, Tom has been our Vice-Chairman and worked closely with Bill to create one of the best supported Clubs in Scotland and one of the foremost historic hill climbs in the UK.

Bill, Tom, Margaret, Alex and Bill’s professionalism and hard work have been a real asset during their time on the Committee. They deserve our thanks and a well-earned rest.

Finally, a big thank you to Barry Crichton and his wife Nancy. They have run our associated classic car show for several years taking it from a few dozen cars to almost two hundred examples on display in 2014. Although he will no longer be running the Classic Show, Barry remains on the BHCR Committee.

All BHCR members owe the retiring committee and team an enormous vote of thanks for the tireless amount of work and time they have put into the Club since 2007 - their hard work has left BHCR in a sound and viable position for future progress.

The BHCR Committee has thus changed considerably within the past few weeks and several key roles are now filled with new faces. You can find out who is currently behind the Club and the organisation of the eighth Revival meeting by looking at our website Contact page

Kenny Baird,
Chairman BHCR Ltd



3 Classic Classes Added To SSHC Championship

We are pleased to announce that the Scottish Sprint, Speed and Hill Climb Championship has added a new division for Classic and Thoroughbred Cars with three separate classes for Road Cars, Modified Cars and Competition Cars of a suitable age. We would like to think that this new format is partly a result of the success of the Bo'ness Hill Climb Revival meetings and we would encourage all our members to enter the Championship for this coming season. The Regs can be viewed here and are also on the SSHC website

The Kinneil Venue - Seven Years of Development

        In the seven years that the Revival has now been going, the club has put a great deal of time and money into bringing the Kinneil location up to the current standard. As you know, Falkirk Council put in a huge effort in 2008 to help us put on the first meeting  by resurfacing much of the track, but it was obvious that the paddock needed major improvement. The following year, new roadways were built in the paddock and drainage pipes laid to prevent a repetition of the flooding which played havoc with the first meeting. This paddock improvement work was carried out completely by the Club which provided all the labour and funding necessary.

     The old Grangemouth road was breaking up at the entry to the Hairpin so this part of the track was resurfaced by BHCR in 2009. We shall have to undertake further remedial work in this area before the 2015 meeting as the road surface is breaking up at the Hairpin again. In 2010 and 2011 minor improvements were made but the event was on a knife edge due to the poor weather affecting spectator numbers. However we continued, in partnership with Falkirk Council and Falkirk Community Trust, to invest time and effort in Kinneil to improve the general wellbeing of the park.

As the finances improved, we embarked on a rolling programme of installing wooden safety fences, with the first section erected on the Paddock boundary in 2013. It was appreciated by all the parties involved that this fence enhanced the parkland setting such that we received permission to erect a further two sections in 2014. The total cost of the barrier installation was totally met from the Club reserves. We now believe that the track is more or less complete but we shall have to be aware that the track surface will need work in the future.

Our plans for 2015 include the purchase of two commentators’ huts to allow our excellent and hardy commentators the opportunity to do their jobs in a little more comfort.

In our future planning, we are looking at the possibility of a temporary spectator bridge at the Crossing and the feasibility of having a local storage facility for the straw bales to reduce our annual running costs.

The future will depend on the overall plans for Kinneil House and Park but we may have to consider relocating the spectator car park or creating an overspill facility within the estate beyond the Holding Paddock.

Our overall objective is to give our competitors a memorable event and to attract more spectators by giving them a unique experience in Scotland. We have to plan our finances and budgets carefully to ensure that we keep our head above water from year to year but also to allow the event to grow in the future.

The event budget has grown considerably during the past seven years. The club funds this and the additional costs of revenue improvements from a number of sources - competitor entry fees, spectator entry fees, sponsorships, donations, sales of BHCR memorabilia, MSA grants and our loyal members’ annual subscriptions.

The members of BHCR are keeping Bo'ness hill climb alive at Kinneil Estate - the cradle of Scottish Motorsport. Thank you!
                                                                                                              Bill Drysdale



We are pleased to offer our members alternative payment methods for their annual subscription. It is now possible to pay using Paypal as well as the traditional method of paying by cheque.
We also hope to have a Direct Debit scheme set up very soon.

Payment methods

  • Pay with cheque: head over to the download section
  • For those among you who are computer savvy, the form can now be filled in online, with payments taken via pay pal.

Perpetual trophy winners 2014

The Bo 'ness Hill climb is such a popular event that each year it generates thousands of photographs, from the professional photographers to the talented amateurs alike. After spending many sleepless nights trawling through them all, we have managed to find the ones we took of the Perpetual trophy winners. Head over to the new Trophies Winners page to see who you need to beat next year ;-)


Trophies @ the Bo'ness Motor Museum

We are very grateful to Colin Anderson at the Bo'ness Motor Museum for allowing us to display the full range of Bo'ness Hill Climb Revival perpetual trophies in a display case in the Museum foyer.
Previously the trophies were kept in storage and we felt it was a shame to have them hidden away for 12 months of the year when they could be on display and enjoyed by everyone. If you are in Bo'ness please pay a visit to the Museum and have a look round as it is packed with motoring and movie memorabilia. It is located at the east end of Bo'ness. see the website for full details

A list of the 2014 winners and more pictures can be found under the information drop down menu.

The 2015 Bo'ness Hill Climb

5th and 6th September 2015

The date for the 2015, 8th Revival Meeting has been confirmed as the 5th and 6th September. Make sure you mark this date in your diary as you won't want to miss Scotland's biggest and best historic motor racing event.

To read last years (2014) news stories click here.....



BHCR and Bo'ness Hill Climb Revival are trading names of the Bo'ness Hill Climb Revival Limited
Bo'ness Hill Climb Revival Limited is a company registered in Scotland under Company Number SC345445
Registered Office: BHCR, 106 South Street, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9QD
MSA Registration No. 213183
SACU Affiliated