Boness Hill climb Revival

3 Classic Classes Added To SSHC Championship

We are pleased to announce that the Scottish Sprint, Speed and Hill Climb Championship has added a new division for Classic and Thoroughbred Cars with three separate classes for Road Cars, Modified Cars and Competition Cars of a suitable age. We would like to think that this new format is partly a result of the success of the Bo'ness Hill Climb Revival meetings and we would encourage all our members to enter the Championship for this coming season. The Regs can be viewed here and are also on the SSHC website

The Kinneil Venue - Seven Years of Development

        In the seven years that the Revival has now been going, the club has put a great deal of time and money into bringing the Kinneil location up to the current standard. As you know, Falkirk Council put in a huge effort in 2008 to help us put on the first meeting  by resurfacing much of the track, but it was obvious that the paddock needed major improvement. The following year, new roadways were built in the paddock and drainage pipes laid to prevent a repetition of the flooding which played havoc with the first meeting. This paddock improvement work was carried out completely by the Club which provided all the labour and funding necessary.

     The old Grangemouth road was breaking up at the entry to the Hairpin so this part of the track was resurfaced by BHCR in 2009. We shall have to undertake further remedial work in this area before the 2015 meeting as the road surface is breaking up at the Hairpin again. In 2010 and 2011 minor improvements were made but the event was on a knife edge due to the poor weather affecting spectator numbers. However we continued, in partnership with Falkirk Council and Falkirk Community Trust, to invest time and effort in Kinneil to improve the general wellbeing of the park.

As the finances improved, we embarked on a rolling programme of installing wooden safety fences, with the first section erected on the Paddock boundary in 2013. It was appreciated by all the parties involved that this fence enhanced the parkland setting such that we received permission to erect a further two sections in 2014. The total cost of the barrier installation was totally met from the Club reserves. We now believe that the track is more or less complete but we shall have to be aware that the track surface will need work in the future.

Our plans for 2015 include the purchase of two commentators’ huts to allow our excellent and hardy commentators the opportunity to do their jobs in a little more comfort.

In our future planning, we are looking at the possibility of a temporary spectator bridge at the Crossing and the feasibility of having a local storage facility for the straw bales to reduce our annual running costs.

The future will depend on the overall plans for Kinneil House and Park but we may have to consider relocating the spectator car park or creating an overspill facility within the estate beyond the Holding Paddock.

Our overall objective is to give our competitors a memorable event and to attract more spectators by giving them a unique experience in Scotland. We have to plan our finances and budgets carefully to ensure that we keep our head above water from year to year but also to allow the event to grow in the future.

The event budget has grown considerably during the past seven years. The club funds this and the additional costs of revenue improvements from a number of sources - competitor entry fees, spectator entry fees, sponsorships, donations, sales of BHCR memorabilia, MSA grants and our loyal members’ annual subscriptions.

The members of BHCR are keeping Bo'ness hill climb alive at Kinneil Estate - the cradle of Scottish Motorsport. Thank you!
                                                                                                              Bill Drysdale



We are pleased to offer our members alternative payment methods for their annual subscription. It is now possible to pay using Paypal as well as the traditional method of paying by cheque.
We also hope to have a Direct Debit scheme set up very soon.

Payment methods

  • Pay with cheque: head over to the download section
  • For those among you who are computer savvy, the form can now be filled in online, with payments taken via pay pal.

Perpetual trophy winners 2014

The Bo 'ness Hill climb is such a popular event that each year it generates thousands of photographs, from the professional photographers to the talented amateurs alike. After spending many sleepless nights trawling through them all, we have managed to find the ones we took of the Perpetual trophy winners. Head over to the new Trophies Winners page to see who you need to beat next year ;-)


Trophies @ the Bo'ness Motor Museum

We are very grateful to Colin Anderson at the Bo'ness Motor Museum for allowing us to display the full range of Bo'ness Hill Climb Revival perpetual trophies in a display case in the Museum foyer.
Previously the trophies were kept in storage and we felt it was a shame to have them hidden away for 12 months of the year when they could be on display and enjoyed by everyone. If you are in Bo'ness please pay a visit to the Museum and have a look round as it is packed with motoring and movie memorabilia. It is located at the east end of Bo'ness. see the website for full details

A list of the 2014 winners and more pictures can be found under the information drop down menu.

The 2015 Bo'ness Hill Climb

5th and 6th September 2015

The date for the 2015, 8th Revival Meeting has been confirmed as the 5th and 6th September. Make sure you mark this date in your diary as you won't want to miss Scotland's biggest and best historic motor racing event.



The 7th Bo'ness Hill Climb Revival racing results.

Well done to all the competitor for making the 7th Revival a fantastic weekend event. I am sure some of you are dying to get your hands on the results, so we have uploaded and added to the results section. A proper acknowledgment the winners will come in due time.


The 2014 Revival Meeting - 6th and 7th September 2014 Join us to celebrate 80 years of motorsport at Kinneil Estate, Bo 'ness

The Bo 'ness Hill climb was revived 7 years ago by a group of car enthusiasts on the existing track that had been used for the last 80 years. Such racing greats as Sir Jackie Stewart cut their teeth on this historic venue, the first of its type in Scotland.

The Revival as it is know now has grown into a great family day, with two days of racing from cars ranging from pre 1st world war to 1973. Some of the cars that compete are unique and this is a great opportunity for all petrol heads young and old to get up close and personal. The pedigree of the cars include winners at Le Mans, Goodwood and Formula 1.

Many Classic car clubs attend the car show situated at the top of the course near the historic Kinneil House, and range from American Hot rods to classic Porches. A dedicated car park for classic cars enables the enthusiasts amongst you to bring your own car to join in the fun. To top it all off an air show, owls and so much more can be seen.

A significant investiment has been made to open up the track side so that spectators for the first time can see downwards from Old Paddock Bend towards Crawyett. [see map] The new section will be surfaced and fenced and is sure to prove very popular.
Adults: £10 (BHCR members £5, remember to bring your membership card)
Accompanied Children (under 15) Free 

We would love to see you there.

We have been informed by the Bo 'ness Railway that they will be running a heritage diesel train in the evening on Saturday 6 Sept which may be of interest to some of you as a way of combining two great experience. You can find more information here. This is great opportunity to to see a spectacular engine and have a chance to wind down after a days motor sport.

Dropping off and arrival times

The paddock will be open from 12pm on friday for you early birds that want to drop off your cars without pressure of time restrictions. Security will be patrolling the paddock and site to keep an eye on things from friday onwards. It really helps the event run smoothly if we can get as many cars onsite before the rush on Saturday morning.

For the ones that cannot make Friday then please have your car in place by 8am so the paddock is clear of trailers and excess traffic. Where possible support vehicles can be parked near your race car for those emergency repairs over the weekend.
Sign On: From 8.15
Scrutineering: from 8.15 in situ
Drivers Briefing: 9.00
Practice Starts: 9.15

Please give yourself enough time to walk the track as it is worth seeing where the new barriers are [so you can miss them ;-) ] Have a safe journey and we will see you bright and early.

Entry list and Final Regs for the 2014 Boness Hill climb

Thank you to all the drivers that have entered. A list of cars, drivers and more importantly race numbers can be found here Final regs can be found here


Linlithgow Classic Car Show

Gary Maxwell, Ryan Maxwell and Kenny Baird attended the Show on Sunday with Gary's RS2000 Escort. It was a super afternoon and the threesome were kept busy handing out flyers and talking to the public with a view to spreading awareness of next weekends Revival meeting

Our thanks go out to Dave Keddie of Linlithgow Classic Car Club who accommodated us a very short notice and gave us a prime site to display the car and advertising board.



It's not too late.....

The "official" closing date for entrants to the Hill Climb and Classic Car show have been and gone but as this is the 80th anniversary we have decided to accept the odd late comer to make this a Boness Hill climb to remember. if you missed the closing dates and still wish to participate them contact the following people and they will see what they can do about getting you a space to bring your car or a slot in the hill climb. Don't leave it too late as we will have to close the books on this years race soon...............

Barry Crichton
Classic Show Organiser
Alex Brown Competition Secretary

Work party - A big thank you

Chairman Bill Drysdale says - "Our thanks are extended to all the willing volunteers who turned up at Kinneil on Saturday morning and spent several hours cutting back verges, thinning overhanging branches, removing brambles and nettles and generally tidying up the venue ready for next weekend. The site is now in a state of intense preparation for the 80th Anniversary Revival meeting and setting up of the course begins on Thursday the 4th. It will be my pleasure to welcome all members and friends old and new next weekend for what is shaping up to be another fantastic Revival meeting."

LM5000 – a unique AC Ace Le Mans entrant

Barrie Bird is bringing his unique AC Ace to Bo’ness and will take some demonstration runs in this very rare car. The car is chassis number LM5000.
The car was a special design by AC and is completely different from any other Ace. It uses a spaceframe chassis by John Tojiero, an aluminium body, wishbone front suspension with swing arm rear axle and a chassis mounted diff. It used a specially built 2 litre Bristol engine. The car ran at Le Mans in 1958 as a works entry and came home in 8th place overall driven by Dickie Stoop and Peter Bolton.
Rule changes in 1959 meant the car would not be competitive and so it was sold off and used for club racing, being finally laid up in 1964. It was restored into virtually original Le Mans spec in the early 70’s and was then very successfully used in historic racing, winning the Goodwood Trophy in 1972.

We are honoured that Barrie is bringing this fantastic car to Bo’ness and it will be a privilege to see and hear it run.

The Fisher Specials

At this Revival Peter Speakman has brought his three Fisher Specials for the first time. Jack Fisher came from Edinburgh and built competition specials from 1948 and was still working on cars when he passed away last year. The oldest of the three cars is the Fisher Spyder which competed at Bo’ness in the 1960’s and went on to be extensively raced at Ingliston and elsewhere. Also present will be the well-known FARM special built by Jack in the late 60’s as an early monocoque car and powered by an Alfa Romeo engine. This car has set FTD at Bo’ness at previous Revivals and is likely to be a contender for FTD this year too. Peter has recently commissioned the restoration of a third Fisher Special; this time a spaceframed singleseater powered again by an Alfa engine (Jack Fisher was an Alfa Romeo dealer). It will be the first time three of Jack Fisher’s cars have appeared at a race meeting together. Photo shows Peter Speakman in the Fisher Spyder.

Ian Stewart and the SS100


A big attraction at this Revival will be the Ex Ecurie Ecosse driver Ian Stewart who will be reunited with the SS100 he owned and drove at Bo’ness in 1950. The car set FTD at Bo’ness in May 1946 driven by Noel Bean and is currently owned by Roger Learmonth who is bringing the car back to Bo’ness from the south of England. Both Roger and Ian will be taking demonstration drives in the SS100 and this beautiful car is well worth inspecting in the paddock. Photo shows Noel Bean exiting the Courtyard in the SS100, 1949.

Sir Jackie Stewart

Sir Jackie Stewart has sent us a message of support as Bo’ness Hill Climb prepares to celebrate 80 years of motorsport at Kinneil Estate.

“Bo’ness has a great history of motorsport in Scotland and some of the greatest Hill Climb champions have performed at Bo’ness. My brother drove there, as did I, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. I went along to the Bo’ness Hill Climb as a wee boy looking at people like Denis Poore and Ken Wharton performing up the Hill – happy memories and it’s wonderful that the event has been brought back to Bo’ness.

I hope everyone enjoys a very happy weekend of motorsport”

Sir Jackie Stewart OBE

BTCC legend Anthony Reid driving at Bo’ness

Anthony Reid is making an appearance at Bo’ness this year and will take some demo drives of Rob Bremner’s Connaught AL10. Anthony is a vastly experienced International racing driver, competing in Formula 3 and he narrowly missed out on a F1 drive with Jordan in 1992. He is probably best known for his exploits at Le Mans for Porsche and in the BTCC, where he  finished in second place in 1998 and 2000.
We are also hopeful that another BTCC legend John Cleland will be able to join us and, although not yet confirmed, John is hoping to make some demo drives in his 90’s Vauxhall Sport Cavalier.
Another well-known Scottish driver hoping to make an appearance is Bill Dryden. Bill had an extensive racing career in the 1960’s and 70’s and competed at Bo’ness in 1964. Bill hopes to be driving his Maserati but as yet this is unconfirmed.

Barrier Work and New Spectator Area

BHCR are investing in two new sections of timber safety fencing at Kinneil. This fencing will be identical to the fencing erected in 2013 along the straight towards Crawyett. The first section will be on the Railway Straight on the approach to the hairpin and the second will be on the left of the track as it heads from Crawyett to Old Paddock Bend. Work will commence on the new fencing on Monday 11th August.

BHCR are also investing in a new area for spectators on the hill downwards from Old Paddock Bend towards Crawyett. It is planned that a further 80m of area will be available and will open up an exciting section of track for spectators. The new section will be surfaced and fenced and is sure to prove very popular. Work on this area will commence very soon and will be complete and ready for use by September.
Both of these track improvement projects are being entirely funded by BHCR.

80th Anniversary Barbeque

On Monday 23rd June we held a small gathering of cars, motorcycles and members in the paddock at Kinneil to celebrate 80 glorious years of motorsport at Bo’ness. The weather was glorious and a beautiful warm summer evening was enjoyed by around seventy members.
- Rob Bremner moving the Connaught There were about twenty cars and motorcycles on display including:

Rob Bremner’s Grand Prix Connaught, Malcolm Wishart’s Cooper FJ,
Stephen Smith’s pretty Austin Special
Douglas Turner’s AJS Big Port motorcycle.

Rob Bremner moving the Connaught

Excellent food was provided by our sponsor Andy Hutchison who set up a fantastic covered eating area complete with tables and chair for members to enjoy a seat in the sun while they ate the BBQ food plus various desserts and wonderful cup-cakes. We are very grateful to Andy for providing such a fine spread andprofessional service.

We are also grateful to Tim MacKay for his additional sponsorship. Many thanks to both for helping to make the evening a success.

It is very likely that we will repeat the evening next year and we may well make this an annual treat for our members.

DouglasTurner's AJS Big Port gets admired, in the  foreground is Steve Smith's Austin


Entries for the 7th Bo'ness Hill climb

We are now accepting entries for the 7th Bo'ness Hill Climb Revival. This includes both the racing cars and participants in the classic car show. Applications can be made either by our online form or 'old school' via post. Check out the download section for the paper application form or click here for the online web form. Online payments are taken via PayPal, or standard Visa/ Visa Debit/ Master Card

We have a lot planned for our 7th annual event, so watch this space for updates.

Getting involved

Making an event like the Bo'ness Hill climb such a success, is in part down to the Excellent team of marshals. Without these volunteers the event would simple not run. If you have always wanted to get involved with motor racing but do not have a car ..... or have a car but not quite on the road;-) then why not volunteer as a marshall. Simply fill in the contact form and a member of the committee will get to you with an application from to fill in. Training is provided, and we can guarantee you a fun filled weekend.



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